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Ever wondered how biriyani gets its fine yellow colour or the kulfi soaked in mouth-watering fluid gets its smooth yellowy tinge? This is all because of saffron or kesar, an expensive spice derived from the flower of Saffron Crocus. Patanjali Kesar maintains high quality as it is procured from the best flowers. This Ayurvedic product from Baba Ramdev's Divya Pharmacy can be used as a colouring agent and seasoning.

Additional Information

Non Veg No
Weight 1.0000
Product Weight Grams
Size No
Brand Patanjali
Color Red
Composition / Ingredients Most of the saffron comes from different regions of Kashmir. Kashmiri saffron is famous all over the world for its lovely aroma and vibrant colour. Saffron is mainly known to maintain a healthy digestion system. It is a good energizer and purifies the blood. People who are suffering from insomnia can infuse kesar or saffron in milk and drink it for a good night’s sleep. Because of its antioxidant properties, kesar helps to prevent cell damage.
How to Use No